Parent Council

The Parent Council is a network of volunteer representatives that work together to support King's Schools.

The Parent Council has adopted 4 goals which guide its activities:

  1. Support activities and events on all school campuses
  2. Support and show appreciation for King's teachers
  3. Welcome new families and promote community building
  4. Promote King's Schools top fundraising initiatives

We would love to have you join with us as we partner together to make King's an even greater school by supporting families, faculty and students. Please complete the Parent Council volunteer application to get involved.

2013-2014 Representatives

Chair Janice Campbell
Co-Chair Open  
Campus Lead Summer Bozick
Rainbow Room: Dana Kleckner
  Lindsey Bain-McCorkle
Green Room: Kristi Ramsden 
  Rehana Strom
Red Room: Erin Gipe
  Rebecca Wilson
Blue Room: Jennifer Minahan
Yellow Room: Rita Burden
  Robin Franklin
Elementary School
Campus Lead Karen Todd
Campus Co-Lead/TASK Laurra McGregor
Kindergarten/Pre-K Lead Kristin Wilkinson
1st Grade Lead Jamie Hollinbery
2nd Grade Lead Open  
3rd Grade Lead Krissie Smith
4th Grade Lead Bev Emerson
5th Grade Lead Tracy Cameron
6th Grade Lead  Kelly Carrithers
King's Junior High School  
Campus Lead Val Scheevel
7th Grade April Haberman
8th Grade Wendy Shapiro
Teacher Appreciation Open  
Spiritual Life Open  
Student Life Cheryl MacDonald 
King's High School  
Campus Lead Open  
9th Grade Cheryl MacDonald
10th Grade Lori Serrano
11th Grade Angela Anderson
12th Grade Alyssa Petrie
Teacher Appreciation Open  
Spiritual Life Lisl Helms
Student Life Open