2013 Distinguished Alumni – Linda Montgomery Buell

Linda Montgomery BuellLinda has served in Christian education at the secondary school and university levels for over thirty years, and since 2007 has been serving as an editor and writer for the Foundation for Thought and Ethics. Linda began her teaching and administrative career right here at King's, her own alma mater. She taught high school English for a decade and was high school principal for sixteen years. In 1998, she moved on up into the ivory tower of higher education, first for a year at Northwest College (now University) in Kirkland, and then in the graduate school at Seattle Pacific University.

Active in the community, Linda was elected to Shoreline's very first city council following its incorporation in 1995, was reelected to three additional terms, and then, at the end of 2003, ran afoul of a little election law about having to live in the same city as the voters. That ended a public service career that no doubt would have taken her to the White House. (Maybe not.)

Now in Dallas, Linda is as passionate about the power of Christian education to advance God's agenda for the world as she has ever been. Teachers who worked at King's during Linda's tenure may remember the three words that summarized her vision for the high school's graduates: ten times better. She continues serving schools through her speaking and writing and by working alongside her husband, Jon Buell, the president of the Foundation for Thought and Ethics. FTE is a small nonprofit publishing company that develops high-quality textbooks for the undergraduate and secondary school levels in such disciplines as science, history, and abstinence education. Their publications include The Design of Life: Discovering Signs of Intelligence in Biological Systems, Never Before in History: America's Inspired Birth, and, just published (2013), an eBook edited by Linda, Darwin's Dead Idea and the Man Who Helped Kill It—An Interview with William Dembski. The summons of II Corinthians 10:4-5 defines Linda's life mission: to demolish arguments and every pretention that sets itself up against the knowledge of God. Towards this end, Linda never ceases to give thanks to God for King's and to pray that this school's graduates will always be known as the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

The Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award is given each year during the spring Awards Night. The criteria for selection is inspired by the four pillars of King's Schools  - Academic Excellence, Christian Commitment, Caring Community, and Rich Heritage. This award honors our outstanding Alum and celebrates our rich heritage.

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